How to scramble Russian words?

This is a great worksheet generator to test Russian learners’ vocabulary and spelling. You can scramble words for your student to put in the correct order. Simply enter your words separated by a space or comma. Each individual word will be scrambled up, but your list will be kept in the same order. You can choose the Russian font and its size for your worksheet.

The Russian learning worksheet you create will be ready for you to print in A4. When printing, you may select how many worksheets you would like to have without answers and how many with answers. The worksheets with answers will show the correct spelling of each word (as you entered them) in the same numbered list as the worksheets without answers.

Once you have printed your Russian scrambled word worksheet, your students can start practicing right away! You can even get the students to mark their own work – with these worksheets students can check their answers using the answer sheet.

If you have multiple students, you can use it to make a game out of studying by challenging students to see who can unscramble the most words in a set time.


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