This resource makes it easy to find the romanization for Russian text.

You can use this converter to romanize any Cyrillic text. Romanization allows you to use Cyrillic Russian without using the Cyrillic characters. Romanizing Cyrillic text can help with pronunciation, and it can also make it easier to transcribe or into input Cyrillic into a word processor or computer - particularly as that computer may not have Cyrillic characters, and may not have a Cyrillic keyboard. 

Enter any Russian (Cyrillic) text and this convertor will convert it to romanized Russian. For example, you can convert "утка любит дождь" into "utka lyubit dozhd'" ("the duck likes the rain"). You can choose to view without the Cyrillic text or with the Cyrillic above or below. This converter should keep the formatting the same if you just use the "without Cyrillic option." 

This converter works with over 100 lines of text and should keep to the same formatting, paragraphs etc. as the original text.

Separately, we have other resources for finding Russian anagramsRussian words that end with, Russian words that start with, Russian words by final letter, and loads of learn Russian converters. 


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