How to make words in Russian go from singular to plural or plural to singular?

Enter a Russian word and choose "singular to plural" or "plural to singular" and our app will provide the singular/plural for you. 

Making singular nouns plural is not as easy in Russian as it is in English, it's not as simple as just putting an "s" on the end. How a singular noun becomes plural is decided by the ending. 

For example, if a word ends with a consonant or -a (eg. стол / table) add –ы so it becomes столы. If a word ends with -к, -й or -я you would add -и (eg. кролик / rabbit becomes кролики / rabbits).

There are many different rules depending on the word's ending. The best way to find the plural (or a singular) is to use this converter. So give it a try. 

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