How to convert text from Latin (roman) alphabet to Cyrillic?

This converter is designed to make it easy to convert text from Latin (A, B, C, D etc) to Cyrillic (а, б, ц, д).

Enter the Latin alphabet text on the left and then choose the option on the right.

There are three options available to convert:

  • Just the Cyrillic displayed with no latin text
  • Cyrillic text with the original latin alphabet below
  • Cyrillic text with the original latin characters above.

For example, "Learning Russian is fun" becomes "(Леарнинг Руссиан ис фун".

This converter works with over one hundred lines of text and should keep to the same formatting, paragraphs etc. as the original text.

Separately, we have an online app which is to type directly into Cyrillic Russian


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