How to turn numbers into Russian numbers?

This web app turns normal numbers like 1,2, 4, 500 into Russian word numbers. You can also turn Russian word numbers into digit numbers for example, Двести Тридцать Два would become 232. 

Russian word numbers can be difficult to understand, but the do follow the same pattern as English word numbers. For example, for numbers 11 - 19 you simply take the number 1 - 9 and add "надцать" so sixteen is "шестнадцать" which is шесть = six plus "надцать" = teen. Unlike English, French and Portuguese numbers though, this rules applies to 11 and 12 too (одиннадцать = 11 or one-teen and двенадцать = 12 or two-teen).

From twenty onwards Russian word numbers are quite simple and they work as in English. Twenty one is expressed as "двадцать один", which translates exactly the same way. Just like in English, there is no need for an "and", and nor do they form a compound word.

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