How to use this Russian worksheet fill in the gap?

Use this resource to create printable Russian fill-in-the-gap worksheets. These worksheets can be used to assess vocabulary and sentence structure. What's really great about these worksheets is that they can be adapted to be used at a variety of learner levels.

Enter the text then for select every word that you want to be an answer. These words will then appear in a separate box for students to select. To make things a bit more difficult, you can choose whether you’d like the answers to be scrambled so that students have to both unscramble the answers and then find the correct place to fill the gap (so if the word is Москва then it may appear as кМовса in the answers).

There is the opportunity to choose different Russian fonts and the size. When you are printing, you can select how many worksheets you would like to have without answers and how many with answers. The worksheets with answers will show the gap filled with the correct word and have it underlined. The "with answers" sheet will also show the words in the correct order if you have opted to scramble them. When you create the "with answers" and "without answers" these are put in one PDF file for ease of printing.

Once you have printed your Russian Fill in the Gap worksheet, your students can start practicing right away! You can even get the students to mark their own work – with these worksheets students can check their answers using the answer sheet.

Fill in the Gap Examples:

У меня есть кот.


У ____ кот (меня есть)

If you wanted to select more than one answer:

У меня есть кот. Его зовут Перси.


У ____ кот. Его _____ Перси. (меня есть, зовут)

If you wanted to make it even more advanced, for example:

Я владелец кошки. Это коричневые кошки. Мой любимый кот - Перси.

which becomes

Я _____ кошки. Это ______ кошки. Мой _____ кот Перси. (владелец, коричневые, любимый )


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