How to convert Russian into Unicode?

Use this converter to convert Russian Cyrillic to Unicode and Unicode to Russian Cyrillic. Unicode is used so that Russian Cyrillic characters can be expressed correctly online. 

The Cyrillic script still presents some challenges when used online. One issue is that there are a number of different ways to transliterate or romanize Cyrillic characters, and no one standard has been adopted universally. This can lead to confusion and difficulty when trying to communicate with others online using the Cyrillic script. Additionally, some web browsers and operating systems do not support Cyrillic characters properly, which can also cause problems. Unicode was intended to solve all encoding problems over all languages.

The block has several character additions for minority languages that use Cyrillic, as well as historic orthographies. In addition, it contains precomposed accented Russian (Cyrillic) letters which are not included in the ISO 8859-5 standard. These can be combined by adding the combining acute accent (U+0301) after the accented vowel, as in е́ у́ э́.

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