How to find Russian words that contain?

Expand your Russian vocabulary with this handy app. You can use this app to find any Russian word that contains letters together or apart.

Choose the letters that you want the words to contain and whether it's together or apart and you will see all the Russian words that fit the criteria. 

So if you put ба and "letters together" there are over 8000 words like абаантибакхий etc. If you put ктер and "letters separately" you would get thousands of words like аккредитующийаккуратное etc

Your results will appear in three columns: the first column is the word, the second column is whether it's singular or plural and third column is the gender.

Separately, we have other apps for finding Russian anagramsRussian words that end with, Russian words that start with, Russian words by final letter, and loads of learn Russian resources. 


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