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Type in Cyrillic - Type with a normal keyboard and the text will change to Cyrillic. You can also select Cyrillic letters in the tool itself. 

Russian Worksheet Creator - Create worksheets to learn or teach Russian with many different options and fonts. You can customize the sheets, change text and background colors, add romanization, and much more!

Russian Wordsearch Creator - Create Russian word searches to teach Russian with many different options for customization, including the display form and the fonts. You can also decide how large the word searches will be. When a worksheet is generated, the tool will also generate a second page which is the "answer key" that shows where all the words can be found. You will be able to print this answer key and however many worksheets you'd like. 

Bulk Convert English to Cyrillic - This is an advanced translation tool. Enter your English text and the tool will turn it into Cyrillic, keeping the original formatting of the entry text in the output box.

Russian Anagram Solver - Enter Russian letters and you can see all the words in our dictionary that you can make from that combination. Simple view will show you the words ordered by how many letters they have. Advanced view allows you to sort the results either alphabetically or by the number of letters. Win Russian word games now! 

Turn Russian Numbers into Numbers - Enter written Russian numbers and the tool will convert them into Arabic numerals. You can also turn Arabic numerals into Russian numbers, with the option to add commas at every 3 or 4 numbers (depending on your need or preference). 

Cyrillic Alphabet Romanization Tool - This tool allows you to convert text from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet in bulk volumes. It is a very useful tool if you are romanizing Russian text for transcription for example. 

Russian Text to Image - Enter your Cyrillic text, then choose your font colour, background colour and preferred Russian font. The tool will create an image based on your text and selections. This image can be output and saved as JPEG, PNG or BMAP.

Convert Russian from Uppercase/ Lowercase/ Sentence Case - This tool is useful to turn uppercase Russian letters into lowercase, or lowercase into uppercase. It also offers the option to capitalize new words (which we call "sentence case").

Russian TXT (Text files) convert - Convert Russian TXT files from lowercase into uppercase or sentence case.

Russian SRT (Subtitles files) convert - Convert Russian SRT files from lowercase into uppercase or sentence case.

Count Russian Characters - Enter your text and the tool will show you how many Cyrillic characters it contains.

Convert Russian to Unicode and Unicode to Russian - This tool is great for anyone working with displaying Cyrillic characters online. 

Convert Cyrillic alphabet to Hebrew alphabet - This tool acts the same as our Romanization Tool, but it converts Cyrillic characters to Hebrew instread. 

Find Russian Words by Length - Search Russian words by the initial letter and the number of letters in the word. For example, you can search all the Russian words with 5 letters that start with м. 

Find Russian Words that End in - Search Russian words by their final letter and the exact number of letters in the word. For example, you can search all the Russian words with 5 letters that end with м. 

Find Russian words that contain - This tool allows you to search words in Russian that contain specific letters in various arrangements. Whether you want to see your selected letters separate or together, you can search combinations of two or more letters. 

Turn Russian Single into Plural - Russian declension cases can be confusing. This tool converts Russian words from single to plural and the other way round. 

Enter Russian words and find what gender it is - Russian declension cases can be confusing. This tool can help you determine the grammatical gender of Russian words. 


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