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We have a wide range of resources and apps for learning and teaching Russian, as well as some really helpful resources for native or fluent Russian speakers who want to use Russian online. Our resources are divided into three main categories for three main user types. Learning Russian resources are incredibly simple apps such "Count Russian Characters" or "Turn Single into a Plural" for beginners in Russian, who are looking to revise or to self-teach. Using Russian Online, which native and fluent Russian speakers will find useless, these make using Russian online easier, such as our "Type in Cyrillic" or "Unicode to Russian". Our third category is Russian Worksheet Generators are our super easy-to-use worksheet generators for teachers (such as our Russian wordsearch generator) which are all completely customizable and printable, and can be adapted for a wide range of abilities. All of these apps and resources will work on most modern browsers.

Learning Russian

These resources will assist you in learning Russian, whether you're a beginner or an advanced student. These can all be customized depending on your level. Learners can also use some of our teaching resources. We have a collection of apps and converters aimed at students and teachers of Russian.

See our apps below:

Russian Text to Image Use this reource to create images from Cyrillic text. This image can be used for decoration in a variety of ways, for example as a profile picture, a header, or in a web signature. You can also use the Cyrillic text image to send Cyrillic text to people who don't have Cyrillic installed on their computer. This image can be output and saved as JPEG, PNG or BMAP.

Convert Russian from Uppercase/ Lowercase/ Sentence Case This converter is useful to turn uppercase Russian letters into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case

Count Russian Characters This resource will count the Cyrillic letters are in your text. This will help you keep track of your writing. This counter is helping for writers, students and anyone who wants to know the length of their Russian text.

Find Russian Words by Length This resource is great for expanding for vocabulary, and improving your writing skills in Russian. It could also help you win Russian word games. Choose the letter that you want the word to begin with and then how many letters in the Russian word and you can see all the Russian words that fit that criteria. For example, you can search all the Russian words with 5 letters that start with м. 

Find Russian Words that End in You can use this app to find any Russian word based on the last letter. Choose the letter that you want the word to end with and then how many letters in the Russian word and you can see all the Russian words that fit that criteria. For example, you can search all the Russian words with 5 letters that end with м. 

Find Russian words that contain - This resource allows you to search words in Russian that contain specific letters in various arrangements. Whether you want to see your selected letters separate or together, you can search combinations of two or more letters. Expand your Russian vocabulary with this handy app.

Turn Russian Single into Plural Enter a Russian word and choose "singular to plural" or "plural to singular" and our app will provide the singular/plural for you. Making singular nouns plural is not as easy in Russian as it is in English, it's not as simple as just putting an "s" on the end. How a singular noun becomes plural is decided by the ending.

Enter Russian words and find what gender it is This resource can help you determine the grammatical gender of Russian words. Russian nouns are divided into masculine, feminine and neuter forms. As a very general rule, the grammatical gender of animate objects is conditional on various factors (e.g. the root word), although there are animate neutral nouns such as "animal" (животное) and "child" (ребенок).

Turn Russian Numbers into Numbers This web app turns normal numbers like 1,2, 4, 500 into Russian word numbers. You can also turn Russian word numbers into digit numbers for example, Двести Тридцать Два would become 232. 

Using Russian online:

These free resources are perfect for developers looking to use Russian on websites and contain things like:

Bulk Convert English to Cyrillic - This is an advanced translation converter. Enter your English text and the converter will turn it into Cyrillic, keeping the original formatting of the entry text in the output box.

Russian Anagram Solver Enter Russian letters and you can see all the words in our dictionary that you can make from that combination. Simple view will show you the words ordered by how many letters they have. Advanced view allows you to sort the results either alphabetically or by the number of letters. Win Russian word games now! 

Type in Cyrillic Type with a normal keyboard and the text will change to Cyrillic. This keyboard has special keys that allow you to type Russian letters and have your text displayed correctly written in Russian. To use our online Russian keyboard, you can either type and click on the Russian letter that you want to insert into the text. Alternatively, you can type directly the letter below the letter that you want, ie d for д, f for ф etc. 

Cyrillic Alphabet Romanization Converter This converter is designed to make it easy to convert text from Latin (A, B, C, D etc) to Cyrillic (а, б, ц, д) or Cyrillic in Latin in bulk. It is a very useful if you are romanizing Russian text for transcription for example. 

Convert Cyrillic alphabet to Hebrew alphabet This app works in the same way as our Romanization converter but you can convert Cyrillic text into Hebrew. This is based on the corresponding phonetics of the characters. For example, you can convert "Russian to Hebrew" which is "С русского на иврит" in Cyrillic into "ס רוססקוגו נא יורית"

Russian TXT (Text files) convert Convert the contents of any Russian TXT files to UPPER CASE, lower case or Sentence Case with this app.

Russian SRT (Subtitles files) convert Upload a Russian .SRT subtitle to covnert it to UPPER CASE, lower case or Sentence Case.

Convert Russian to Unicode and Unicode to Russian The Cyrillic script still presents some challenges when used online. One issue is that there are a number of different ways to transliterate or romanize Cyrillic characters, and no one standard has been adopted universally. This converter is great for anyone working with displaying Cyrillic characters online. 

Russian Worksheet Generators

These free resources are perfect for Russian teachers, with lots of options and resources to choose from and include free Russian worksheets and printables. Different resources are designed to test knowledge of Russian vocabulary as well as grammar and numbers. There are many ways that you can customize the worksheets to make sure that they fit the needs of your Russian lessons. These worksheet creators are intended to save you time and also allow you to easily personalize the output, ready for printing. Our worksheet generators are free-to-use and much quicker than creating your own worksheets in apps like Microsoft Word. The majority offer a "with answers" and "without" so you can set the number of copies for each option, as your students require.

Russian Worksheet Creator This generator can be used to create PDF writing sheets for Cyrillic. These worksheets will help Russian learners practice writing Cyrillic. Enter the Russian text that you want and then you can get custom PDF Russian worksheets to practice your Russian. There are many different options for customization, including the display form and the fonts. You can also decide how large the word searches will be. When a worksheet is generated, the app will also generate a second page which is the "answer key" that shows where all the words can be found. You will be able to print this answer key and however many worksheets you'd like. 

Russian Wordsearch Creator This is a really fun worksheet generator that will consolidate a student's knowledge of Russian. This resource creates word searches with Russian words of your choice, so you can use this worksheet generator for diffferent themes or vocab sets. You can customize the sheets, change text and background colors, add romanization, and much more!

The first big difficulty when learning Russian is the writing system. Although Cyrillic can look daunting, it works much the same way as the Latin alphabet and is based on characters rather than phonics. There 33 characters in the Cyrillic alphabet (including 7 Latin letters, 9 Greek letters and 15 Russian letters) but once you get to grips with each letter you'll be able to spell out the pronunciation of any word. But if this seems daunting, our resources are here to help! These worksheets and apps will help anyone looking to learn or to teach Russian and Cyrillic. There are also super easy-to-use resources for using Russian (Cyrillic) online too, as not all browsers or computers will have Cyrillic alphabet installed.


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