Cyrillic to Katakana (Japanese) conversion

This converter is used to change Russian into Katakana. Katakana is the more angular form of kana (syllabic writing) used in Japanese. Katakana is primarily used for scientific words or words of foreign origin. You can choose whether it's Hankaku, Hiragana or Zenkaku. This converter roughly works based on the Cyrillic sounds. 

In the top box put in your Cyrillic (Russian) and then choose how you want the app to convert it.

The first option is just to display the Hankaku. This is a katakana which is half as wide as it is high.

The second option displays the Hiragana. Hiragana is the less angular form of kana in Japanese writing. It means "flowing kana".

The third option displays the Zenkaku. This is a katakana in which the characters have equal height and width.

An example with the characters русские символы, in Hankaku it would be ロシア語の文字, in Hiragana it would be ろしあ語の文字 and in Zenkaku it would be ロシア語の文字

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